In today’s modern world we have been equipped with a lot of (Electrical/Gas) appliances of our daily domestic use. Even kitchen wares constitute the major portion of these utilities. Hence to tackle such appliances and machines it also requires a full pledge testing lab as well. Quality Control Centre (QCC), PSQCA Lahore has the state of art independent Home Appliances Lab capable of testing over 25 products of domestic and industrial usage.

Under the mandatory certification scheme of PSQCA, we have the necessary testing equipment and technical expertise to counter for all our current and future requirements of this sector. QCC have plans to achieve testing excellence through Accreditation of key parameters from this section in near future.

In Pakistan most of the Gas appliances are manufactured by small and medium industrial entrepreneurs having little to none knowledge of testing of their finished item so in this regard PSQCA has strict mandate for licensing and testing of these products. QCC Lahore is only renowned and designated govt. sector lab for accomplishing all commercial testing and on very reasonable rates. On the other hand Electrical Appliances are new addition to PSQCA scope and development of relevant infrastructure facilities is underway at QCC labs too.


  • Gas Cooking Range, Hobs & Stoves
  • Gas Water Heaters
  • Electrical Iron, Electric Kettles & Jugs, Electric Toasters etc.
  • Microwave Oven, Washing Machine
  • Refrigerating Appliances & Air Conditioners


  • Gas Valves
  • Fire Dampeners
  • Thermostat Valves