Awareness and Advance trainings and internships provided to private and public stake holders

QCC Labs of Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority plan to extend support public/private sector and new and existing businesses and SMEs by providing them training/workshops on general and particular regulatory requirements for consumer acceptable products and services both in Pakistan and for export purposes.
Ranging from food items like drinking water, milk, biscuits to other FMCG products like soaps, shampoos and electrical appliances like fans, motors, refrigerators and deep freezers to building and construction materials, QCC PSQCA takes advantage of it’s technically able and sound team to impart knowledge on compliance requirements to the participants. Additionally, industry experts and public and private notable scientists, personnel from chamber of commerce, engineers and other professionals are on board with us as trainers in their specific field.

Outcomes/ Benefits of such trainings

Such capacity building and awareness training on national and international conformity requirements for public/private sector and small and medium level enterprises will not only enhance their knowledge, but also bridge the gap between the industry and PSQCA, by sharing the practical challenges that they face and open caveats on how  PSQCA can facilitate them. Other benefits expected from these training sessions are:

  • Reduced risk of non-compliance at national level and for export product.
  • Reduce the likelihood of fines, penalties, lawsuits, or the closure of businesses because of non-conforming product manufacturing.
  • Effective operation of organizations and better product quality for consumer use.
  • Awareness for SMEs and how they can access global customer base.
  • Developing of soft image of PSQCA by taking such CSR initiatives in assisting the business community of Pakistan.

Become a trainer with us/ Customize your own training

If you would like to take training/ Hands on workshop tailored to your needs, get in contact by writing to us at Additionally, if you are interested in getting registered with us as certified trainer, hit us up at the given email.